Wednesday, April 11, 2007

About the Instructor

Heath Row joined DoubleClick as research manager in September 2006 to study the impact of new technology on advertising -- and vice versa. To date, he has authored several research reports, including "Touchpoints IV: How Digital Media Fit into Consumer Purchase Decisions," and "Influencing the Influencers: How Online Advertising and Media Impact Word of Mouth."

Between August 2005 and his move to DoubleClick, Heath worked as senior director of community development for Squidoo, a content-sharing platform founded by Seth Godin.

Previously, he served as an editor and writer for Fast Company magazine for roughly eight years. At Fast Company, he founded the Company of Friends, the magazine's global readers' network, and FC Now, the Fast Company team blog.

Heath has been blogging formally since June 27, 2001.

Update: You can email Heath at kalel AT well DOT com. You can IM him at h3athrow using AIM. You can also call him on his mobie, but you need to ask for that. (5/23/07)

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