Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pop Culture References to Blogs

When I got home from class tonight, I turned on the TV, and on Comedy Central, they were airing a rerun of the South Park episode "The Snuke." The best parts of the episode touch on one of tonight's topics -- the tracks and paths we leave online by participating in blogging and other user-generated media activities.

I've embedded a YouTube video of portions of the episode below. True to form, portions of this South Park episode are of questionable taste. If you are easily offended by references to racial stereotypes, female anatomy, flatulence, and other themes, don't watch the whole thing. But if you fast forward to about 3:20, you can get a sense of what I'm talking about. The next segment most worthy of your attention begins around 5:03.

This post is also an exercise of another topic from tonight's class: copyright infringement. While I did not edit nor upload the YouTube segment, and while I do not in general condone copyright infringement, I believe that this falls under fair use. I am including the segment here for teaching purposes, as well as research, scholarship, criticism, and comment. The use is also important for the discussions in class, and I've highlighted a specific, small amount to meet that educational purpose.

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